Boost your career with KAMGenius

A comprehensive training program to accelerate your career and drive results as a Key Account Manager. 


By taking this course, you will learn best practices in managing key accounts, executive relationships and how to become a long-term partner for your customers. Boost your skills and your career by investing in yourself.


Are you ready to grow your skills from strategy to execution?

Learn what execs really want to see in your account plans and how to become an indispensable resource to your customer by communicating value in your next renewal conversation.

Are you ready to confidently walk into your next quarterly review?

Ditch the PowerPoint slides and learn how to ask questions that prompt engaging discussions with your customers. Learn how to get the information you really need to retain and grow the account.

Then the answer is:

The KAMGenius program; where you get access to 
videos, downloadable e-books, workbook exercises, and a collection of helpful resources for further growth.

Learn at your own pace with KAMGenius.


Why is Key Account Management Important?

  • For most B2B companies, about 70% of their revenue comes from existing customers every year. As account managers, it’s our job to protect and grow the revenue from existing customers.
  • Today, customers are harder to engage and easier to lose than ever before. 71% of our customers are either indifferent to our offering or actively trying to replace us.
  • That’s why it’s important to build the strongest, longest-lasting, and most profitable relationships with our customers. You’ll learn how to do that in this course.

The Best Way to Upgrade Your Account Management Skills 

Choose from our two subscription options. Learn at your own pace. Excel in your career.

KAMGenius Fundamentals


3-month Access

The 18 videos and 3 assessments in this library provide the foundation of a career in Account Management

  • KAM foundation and background
  • Best practices of Account Management
  • KAM tools for success
  • Advanced concepts to get you to the next level
  • 3 Assessments to test knowledge and retention
  • KAMGenius certification upon completion



KAMGenius Plus


Unlimited Lifetime Access

Over 10 hours of content (35 videos) taught by world's foremost experts in Key Account Management.


Includes all the KAMGenius Fundamentals content, PLUS: 

  • Brain Friendly Key Account Management with Ed Powers (8 videos)
  • KAMCon Talks - access to expert presentations from KAMCon events over the years
  • 5 Live Training Courses (60 minutes each, delivered via Zoom)
  • More exclusive content
  • Lifetime access

What Account Managers Say About KAMGenius


Extremely Useful

"Extremely useful! I love the questions throughout. From how to determine the right key accounts, to questions to always ask your customer through VOCs and QBRs. I am improving my ability to service our customers and be more strategic."

- Scott Cappuzzo


"The clear, concise, and ACTIONABLE KAMGenius course was exactly what I was looking for. I feel like I’m absolutely ahead of the curve going into my new role as an AM, and now I have my own strong voice and impactful ideas to bring to the table. Thank you for setting me up for success."

- Annie Kingston

Feel More Confident

"KAMGenius is a great course no matter where you are in your career! I feel more confident in my account management skills and my ability to deliver results."

- Caleb Ping

Meet Alex

KAMGenius Program Instructor

CEO of Kapta, startup mentor, and KAM consultant, Alex Raymond knows what it takes to land and expand strategic customers to build successful businesses. Alex has spent the last half of his career helping hundreds of companies on their Key Account Management strategy. 

In this course, Alex will share his proven and tested KAM strategy and will teach you how to use it within your own accounts through thorough videos and workbooks.  

Meet Jennifer

KAMGenius Program Instructor

Senior Engagement Manager at Kapta, where she has helped dozens of teams to create and implement impactful Key Account Management strategies.

Jennifer Pinter has worked with companies across the globe to implement customer-centric processes to drive business results.

Meet Ed

KAMGenius Program Instructor

Speaker, consultant and author known for helping teams make breakthroughs in customer loyalty by addressing why customers leave— and why they stay.

Ed Powers's approach combines neuroscience with data analytics and enterprise-wide improvement to deliver dramatic results. 

KAMGenius is Everything You Need to
Succeed as a Key Account Manager

In KAMGenius you will get:

  • Video Lessons from  world-class experts
  • Downloadable ebooks and workbooks  to reinforce key concepts
  • A Collection of Resources to Further Your Growth

Retain and grow the accounts your company can't afford to lose.


Highly Recommend

"I highly recommend the KAMGenius Program! The course is full of tips that helped me with my customers, and I am using all the content and materials from the course with my accounts!" 

- Jordi Comas

Build the Change You Desire

"The KAMGenius course is a great short course that teaches you how to focus on what is truly important for your customers. If you're new to customer success, if your organization is just joining the Customer Focus band wagon, or if you're struggling to get traction with your accounts and with building meaningful relationships with your customers, KAMGenius will help you setup and help you build the change you desire." 

- Elwyn Price

The Helpful Nuances

"I feel like I've taken my skills up five notches. This is the important stuff, the helpful nuances, that no one teaches you. It's all pragmatic so you can actually implement it in your day-to-day.

- Alex Thrasher

The KAMGenius Program was designed for strategic enterprise Account Managers who manage a small number of high-value accounts.
Learn how to retain and grow the accounts your company can't afford to lose.